Hi! My name is Elle. I’m a born and bred Colorado girl, living in the middle of Wisconsin with my wonderful husband and our two kittens. I am an Aquarius, chocolate lover, and would sit at a coffee shop every morning while sipping a latte if I could. I wear my heart of my sleeve and have always seen the world through rose colored lenses. Relationships are one of the most important things to me and cultivating those with my friends, family, and God are what keep me grounded.

I have recently crossed an item off my bucket list – take Yoga Teach Training and expand an already deep passion for Yoga into something deeper – and it has changed my life in ways I have never dreamed. My hope is that I can offer just a small bit of insight as I take this journey, and that the lessons I learn can help you as well. And though Yoga isn’t for everyone, I do believe one core belief can resonate with everyone. Deepak Chopra once said “You must never, ever, use someone else’s map.” My hope is that the lessons I learn resonate with you so you may begin to know who you are – that all fear and self-doubt melt away and you can simply Be You. Fearlessly.